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Page Title: Supply/Parts and Disposition.
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Summary of the Problem.
TB-1-1520-240-20-121 Hydraulic Fluid Sampling from Flight Control and Utility Systems for all CH-47D MH-47D and MH-47E Series Aircraft Manual
TB 1--1520--240--20--121
aircraft status to a red //X//. The aircraft red //X// status may be cleared upon successful hydraulic purification,
re--sampling, and verification by the AOAP laboratory.
(2) For aircraft systems using MIL--H--5606, the maximum limit for water is 250 parts per million.
For hydraulic fluid which has been verified by AOAP as exceeding 250 parts per million of water, change the
aircraft status to a red //X//. The aircraft red //X// status my be cleared upon successful hydraulic purification,
re--sampling, and verification by the AOAP laboratory.
(3) All data generated for levels of particulate contamination of specific elements from the AOAP
analysis will be kept for statistical purposes in order to determine trends which would lead to component re-
placement. In the case of abnormal levels of particulate contamination which has been verified by AOAP, the
AOAP laboratory will notify the unit immediately. The aircraft status will be changed to a red //X//. The aircraft
red // X// status may be cleared upon successful hydraulic purification, re--sampling, and verification by AOAP
laboratory. If system is still contaminated, contact technical point of contact listed in paragraph 16a for correc-
tive action.
(4) Whenever the AGPU and purifier are used, record the following on the aircraft DA Form
(a) Date of purification, serial number/admin number of AGPU.
(b) Serial number/admin number of purifier.
(c) Aircraft hours.
(d) Hour meter start and completion times of the purifier and AGPU.
(5) Organizational owned hydraulic test stands, depot test stands, auxiliary ground power units
(AGPU) and hydraulic carts using MIL--H--83282 hydraulic fluid will be maintained to a maximum of 200 parts
per million for water. Test stands, AGPU and hydraulic carts using MIL--H--5606 hydraulic fluid will be main-
tained to a maximum of 175 parts per million for water. A hydraulic fluid sample will be taken every seven days
for all test stands and AGPU carts and recorded on the equipment DA Form 2408--20. This sample will be
processed per TB 43--0106. The sample will be taken at the gauge calibration port. Use the 3 ounce sample
bottle. As noted in TB 43--0106, all the hydraulic fluid, including that in the AGPU reservoir should be warm
and recently circulated prior to sampling. A DA Form 2408--20 will be established by the unit to record and
track AGPU hydraulic oil samples.
b.  At phase inspection, purge three ounces of hydraulic fluid from the number one and number two
sides of the roll, pitch, and yaw integrated lower control actuator (ILCA) extensible link bleed port in accor-
dance with Task 7--16 of TM 55--1520--240--23 or Task 7--19 of TM 1--1520--252--23. This procedure is re-
quired to remove uncirculated fluid from the extensible links of each ILCA.
c.  The number one, number two, and utility hydraulic systems inspection required every 50 flight hours
or 100 calendar days will be entered on the DA Form 2408--18. ULLS--A units will use this Technical Bulletin
as authority to add the inspection to the inspection master file using inspection number A137.
10. Supply/Parts and Disposition.
Parts Required. Three ounce plastic sampling bottle, NSN 8125--01--082--9697.
b.  Requisitioning Instructions. Requisition three ounce plastic sampling bottle using normal supply
11. Special Tools and Fixtures Required. N/A.
12. Application .
a.  Category of Maintenance. AVUM. Aircraft downtime will be charged to AVUM. Report aircraft non--
mission capable maintenance (NMCM) while undergoing inspection and correction in accordance with this
Technical Bulletin.
Estimated Time Required.
(1) Total of 1 man--hour using 2 persons.

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