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Page Title: Section I. INTRODUCTION
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TM-5-1730-245-24P Power Supply Hydraulic Model Number 9305 Manual
TM 5-1730-245-24P UNIT, DIRECT SUPPORT AND GENERAL SUPPORT MAINTENANCE REPAIR PARTS AND SPECIAL TOOLS LIST Section I. INTRODUCTION 1. SCOPE. This R PSTL lists and authorizes spares and repair parts; special tools; special test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment (TMDE); and other special support equipment required for performance of unit, direct support and general  support  maintenance  of  the  hydraulic  power  supply.  It  authorizes  the  requisitioning,  issue,  and  disposition  of spares, repair parts and special tools as indicated by the source, maintenance and recoverability (SMR) codes. 2. GENERAL.  In addition to this section, Introduction, this Repair Parts and Special Tools List is divided into the following sections: a. Section  II.  Repair  Parts  List.  A  list  of  spares  and  repair  parts  authorized  by  this  RPSTL  for  use  in  the performance  of  maintenance.  This  list  also  includes  parts  which  must  be  removed  for  replacement  of  the  authorized parts. Parts lists are composed of functional groups in ascending alphanumeric sequence, with the parts in each group listed in ascending figure and item number sequence. Bulk materials are listed in item name sequence. Items are shown in the associated illustration(s)/figure(s). b. Section III. Special Tools List. A list of special tools, special TMDE, and other special support equipment authorized by this RPSTL (as indicated by Basis of Issue (BOI) information in DESCRIPTION AND USABLE ON CODE column) for the performance of maintenance. c. Section IV. Cross-Reference Index. A list, in National Item Identification Number (NIIN) sequence, of all National stock numbered items appearing in the listing, followed by a list in alphanumeric sequence of all part numbers appearing in the listings. National stock numbers and part numbers are cross referenced to each illustration figure and item  number  appearance.  The  figure  and  item  number  index  lists  figure  and  item  numbers  in  alphanumeric  sequence and cross references NSN, CAGEC and part number. 3. EXPLANATION OF COLUMNS (SECTIONS II AND III). a. ITEM NO. (Column (1)). Indicates the number used to identify items called out in the illustration. b. SMR Code (Column (2)). The Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability (SMR) code is a 5-position code containing  supply/requisitioning  information,  maintenance  category  authorization  criteria,  and  disposition  instruction,  as shown in the following breakout: Source Code Maintenance Code Recoverability Code XX 1st two XX XX positions How you get an item. 3d position 4th position Who can install, Who can do replace or use complete repair the item. (see note) on the item. Who determines disposition action on an unserviceable item. * Complete Repair: Maintenance capacity, capability, and authority to perform all corrective maintenance tasks of the "Repair" function in a use/user environment in order to restore serviceability to a failed item. 1

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