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Page Title: Cleaning, Inspection, and Repair.
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CYLINDER AND RAM ASSEMBLY. - TM-55-1730-202-140022
TM-55-1730-202-14 Jack Hydraulic Tripod Type B-5 Part Number 50K25177 Manual
Figure 6. Cylinder and Ram Assembly, Exploded View.
TM 55-1730-202-14
d. Reassembly.
(3) Remove the pad socket (19) and the ram ex-
tension screw nut (23) from the extension screw
(1) Install the 45-degree elbow (35) in the
(20). Remove the extension screw from the ram and
cylinder assembly (12).
nut assembly (17), releasing the extension screw re-
(2) Install the ram upper bearing (11), backup
taining plunger (22) and the extension screw spr-
ring (10), O-ring packing (9) and the ram lower bear-
ing (8) on the ram and nut assembly (17) and secure
(4) Remove the four screws (24) that secure
with the ram pin (7) and the screw (33). Lubricate
the indicator collar retainer (25) to the ram and nut
the installed bearings and O-ring with hydraulic
assembly and remove the retainer, indication col-
oil and slide the ram with attached parts into the
lar (27), and the indicator collar support (28) from
the ram. Loosen the retaining screw in the ram
(3) Install the key assembly (30) in the upper
locknut (29) and turn the locknut off the ram.
bearing (31) and install the bearing in the cylinder,
(5) Remove the upper bearing (31) from the
engaging the key with the key way in the ram.
cylinder assembly (12) and take the key assembly
(4) Install the ram locknut (29) on the ram and
(30) out of the bearing.
tighten the retaining screw in the locknut to
(6) Pull the ram with attached parts out of the
secure. Place the indicator collar support (28), in-
cylinder. Loosen the screw (33) and remove the ram
dicator collar (27) and the indicator collar retainer
pin (7) from the ram lower bearing (8). Remove the
(25) on the ram and secure with the four screws
lower bearing, O-ring packing (9), backup ring (10),
and the ram upper bearing (11) from the ram and
(5) Insert the extension screw spring (21) and
nut assembly (17).
the extension screw retaining plunger (22) in the
(7) Remove the 45-degree elbow (35) from the
extension screw (20) and install the extension
screw in the ram. Install the ram extension screw
nut (23) and the pad socket (19) in the extension
c. Cleaning, Inspection, and Repair.
(1) Clean all parts in cleaning solvent (Federal
(6) Secure the rise indicator tube assembly
Specification P-D-680) and dry thoroughly with
(18) to the indicator collar (27) with the wingnut
compressed air and a lint-free cloth.
(26). Install the rise indicator rod (32) in the tub.
(2) Inspect the bearings, ram and nut
(7) Install the socket (16), pin (15), chain (14),
assembly, and cylinder assembly for nicks, burrs,
and the screw (13) on the cylinder.
minor abrasions, and for damaged threads. Check
the clearance between the ram and the upper bear-
e. Installation. Install the cylinder assembly
ing. If the clearance exceeds 0.015 inch, replace the
bearing. Check the clearance between the ram
f. Testing.
bearings and the cylinder bore. If the clearance ex-
(1) Apply a five-ton load to the assembled
ceeds 0.020 inch, replace the ram bearings.
jack as described in paragraph 49.
Remove nicks and burrs from all wearing surfaces
and threads.
(2) There should be no leakage around the top
of the cylinder.
(3) Inspect all remaining parts for distortion
and damaged threads. Replace if defective.
(3) During the raising operation, check the
ram locknut for free rotation on the ram.
(4) Replace the O-ring and the backup ring.
(5) Retouch or repaint all painted surfaces as
required (Federal Specification TT-E-489G, color
13538, Federal Standard 595A).

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