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Page Title: Engine Accessory Generator
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TM-55-4920-226-15 Test Stand Aircraft Hydraulic AHT-5A-1 Type D-5A Manual
Figure 19. Engine accessory generator, exploded view
c. Installation.
box off the generator and tag and dis-
(1) Position the engine generator reg-
connect the leads from the generator.
ulator (25, fig. 17) in the box assembly
d. Disassembly.
(28) and secure with the three lock-
(1) Remove the hex nut (17, fig. 19) and
washers (27) and screws (26).
lockwasher (16) that secure the pulley
(2) Connect all electrical leads to the reg-
(15) and the fan (18) to the shaft of
ulator in accordance with tags at-
the armature (31).
tached during removal,
(2) Remove the pulley and fan from the
(3) Place the cover (23) on the box as-
armature shaft.
sembly and secure with  the four
e. Cleaning, Inspection and Repair.
screws (24).
(1) Clean the outside of the generator with
(4) Connect the two battery  terminal
a cloth dampened with an approved
adapters (7 and 8, fig. 17).
cleaning solvent and dry thoroughly.
Clean all other metal parts in an ap-
112. Engine Accessory Generator
proved solvent and dry with a lint-free
a. Belt Adjustment.
(1) Loosen the bolt (10, fig. 16) that se-
Inspect the terminal studs for corro-
cures the engine accessory generator
sion. Remove all corrosion and apply
(9) to the generator adjusting arm
a thin film of grease.
Inspect the brushes through the holes
(2) Swing the generator toward or away
in the end bell. Replace brushes that
from the engine as required to obtain
are oil soaked or worn to less than half
a to 1 inch deflection of the belt
their original length. See f below.
midway between the pulleys. Tighten
Inspect the pulley and fan for cracks,
the bolt (10) to secure.
breaks, and distortion. Straighten a
b. Belt Replacement.
bent or distorted pulley and fan. Re-
(1) Loosen the bolt (10, fig. 16), move the
place a pulley or fan damaged beyond
engine accessory generator (9) to-
ward the generator mounting plate
Inspect all attaching hardware for dis-
(20) and remove the belt from the
tortion and damaged threads. Replace
if defective.
(2) Place a new belt on the pulleys and
f. Brush Replacement.
adjust as prescribed in a above.
(1) Remove the two bolts (2, fig. 19) and
c. Removal.
lockwashers (3) that secure the end
(1) Remove the bolt (10, fig. 16) lock-
bell (1) to the housing (44) and re-
washer (12), and flat washer (13),
move the end bell with attached
swing the engine accessory generator
brushes from the housing.
(9) in toward the generator mounting
Remove the screw (10) and lock-
plate (20) and remove the V-belt
washer (11) that secures the lead of
from the pulley of the generator.
the brush (9) to the grounded brush
(2) Tag and disconnect the 2 shielded
holder assembly (4).
cables from the 2 electrical box con-
Lift the brush arm (12) and remove
nectors (4).
the brush from the holder.
(3) Remove the two bolts (11), lockwash-
Remove the remaining brush in a
ers (12), and flat washers (13) that
similar manner.
secure the generator to the mounting
plate and remove the generator.
Lift the brush arm (12) and install a
(4) Remove the screw (2) and lockwasher
new brush (9) in the grounded brush
holder assembly (4).
(3) that secure the generator shield
box (1) to the generator, Lift the
Secure the lead of the brush to the
AGO 5742A

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