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Page Title: Spark Plugs and Cables
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Figure 20. Electrical engine starter, exploded view
TM-55-4920-226-15 Test Stand Aircraft Hydraulic AHT-5A-1 Type D-5A Manual
Figure 21. Ignition magneto, exploded view
installed spark plug and ignition mag-
d. Installation.
neto (21).
(1) Position the starter support bracket
(3) Secure the ignition cable to the cylin-
(21, fig. 20) on the end bell (24) and
der head shroud (13) with the clamp
secure with the lockwasher (36) and
(12) and screw (9).
screw (22).
(4) I n s t a l l the three remaining spark
(2) I n s t a l l the starter in the flywheel
plugs and ignition cables in a similar
shroud and secure with the three lock-
washers and bolts.
(3) Secure the starter support bracket to
115. Ignition Magneto
the crankcase with two lockwashers
a. Testing Magneto Spark.
and hex nuts.
(1) Tag and disconnect the four ignition
(4) Connect the electrical cable to the
cables (8, fig. 11) from the ignition
terminal of the starter.
magneto (21).
(5) Install the battery (par. 9).
(2) Insert an insulated wire, bared at both
ends, into one of the terminal posts
114. Spark Plugs and Cables
of the magneto.
a. Removal.
(3) Place the ignition switch (1, fig. 10) in
(1) Remove the screw (9, fig. 11) and
the ON position and crank the engine
clamp (12) that secures the ignition
with the starter. With the bared end
cable (8) to the cylinder head shroud
of the wire held one-eighth inch away
from the cylinder head shroud, an in-
(2) Tag and disconnect the ignition cable
tense blue spark should be observed.
(8) from the spark plug (7) and the
(4) Continue the test inserting the wire in
ignition magneto (21).
the three remaining terminal posts of'
(3) Remove the spark plug and gasket
the magneto.
from the cylinder head.
(5) If no spark is observed, disconnect the
(4) Remove the three remaining spark
switch-to-magneto lead by removing
plugs and ignition cables in a similar
the screw (29, fig, 11). Retest for a
spark. If a spark is now observed, the
ignition switch is defective and must
b. Cleaning, Inspection, and Repair.
be replaced.
(1) Clean the outside of the spark plugs
(6) If no spark is observed in the proced-
and ignition cables with a cloth damp-
u r e s outlined in (1) through (5)
e n e d in cleaning solvent and dry
above, replace the breaker points as
described in e below.
(2) Inspect the ignition cables for cracked
or frayed shielding, damaged threads,
b. Removal.
and broken or missing clamps. Replace
(1) Disconnect the switch-to-magneto lead
broken or missing clamps and replace
at the screw (29, fig. 11).
the cables if damaged.
(2) Tag and disconnect the four ignition
cables (8) from the magneto (21).
(3) Clean the spark plugs with a suitable
plug cleaner. Inspect the spark plugs
( 3 ) Disconnect the ground strap (16)
for burned electrodes and for cracked
from the cylinder head.
porcelain. Replace a defective spark
(4) Remove the two hex nuts and the bolt
that secures the magneto in place and
remove the magneto and gasket.
c. Installation.
(1) Install the gasket and spark plug (7,
c. Disassembly.
f i g . 11) in the cylinder head and
(1) Remove the 2 screws (2, fig. 21) that
tighten to a 25 to 30 lb. torque.
secure the capacitor (1) in the end
cap (9) and remove the capacitor.
(2) Connect the ignition cable (8) to the
AGO 5742A

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