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Figure 25. Carburetor, exploded view
TM-55-4920-226-15 Test Stand Aircraft Hydraulic AHT-5A-1 Type D-5A Manual
Figire 26. Cylinder block assembly, exploded view
c. Installation.
(3) Install the carburetor (par. 122).
(1) Position a new gasket (4, fig. 24) and
(4) Install the muffler (par. 121).
the cylinder block head assembly (3)
124. Cylinder Heads
on the cylinder block and secure with
the 17 flat washers (2) and bolts (1).
a. Removal.
T i g h t e n the bolts to 25 to 32 ft-lb
(1) R e m o v e t h e a i r  s h r o u d i n g group
(pars. 118 and 119).
(2) I n s t a l l the remaining cylinder block
(2) Remove the 17 bolts (1, fig. 24) and
head assembly in a similar manner.
flat washers (2) that secure the cylin-
(3) Install the air shrouding group (pars.
der block head assembly (3) and the
118 and 119).
g a s k e t (4) to the cylinder block and
remove the head and gasket.
125. Valve Lifters
(3) Remove the other cylinder head in a
a. Valve Inspection Covers.
s i m i l a r manner.
(1) Removal.
b. Cleaning and Inspection.
(a) Remove the governor (par. 135).
(1) Clean all carbon deposits from the cyl-
(b) Remove the bolt (2, fig. 26) and flat
inder blocks. Clean the carbon from
washer (3) that secures the valve
the tops of the pistons and blow car-
inspection cover (1) and gasket (4)
bon away with compressed air.
to the cylinder block (13) and re-
(2) Brush and scrape the carbon out of the
move the cover and gasket.
cylinder heads.
(c) Remove the three remaining covers
(3) Wipe the cylinder heads and blocks
in a similar manner.
with a cloth dampened with an ap-
(2) Cleaning and Inspection.
proved solvent and dry thoroughly.
(a) Clean the covers in an approved
(4) Inspect the cylinder heads for cracks,
c l e a n i n g solvent and dry thor-
breaks, or warping. Replace a defec-
tive cylinder head.
(b) Inspect the covers for distortion and
(5) Inspect the top of the cylinder blocks
other visible damage. Replace a de-
for cracks or breaks. Inspect the cyl-
fective cover.
inder walls for scoring or pitting. Re-
(3) I n s t a l l a t i o n .
port a defective block to depot mainte-
(a) Position the gasket (4, fig. 26) and
the valve inspection cover (1) on
(6) Inspect the top of the valve seats. Re-
the cylinder block (13) and secure
port defective valves or seats to depot
with the flat washer (3) and bolt
AGO 5742A

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