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Figure 28. Fuel pump, exploded view
TM-55-4920-226-15 Test Stand Aircraft Hydraulic AHT-5A-1 Type D-5A Manual
Figure 29. Gevernor and control asssembly, exploded view
b. Cleaning, Inspection, and Repair.
on the plunger (16) and insert the
plunger in the crankcase.
(1) Rinse the tank interior thoroughly
Place a new gasket (18) and the fuel
with an approved cleaning solvent.
pump adapter (15) on the crankcase
Clean the exterior of the fuel tank and
over the installed plunger and plunger
all other metal parts with an approved
cap and secure in place with the two
cleaning solvent and dry thoroughly.
lockwashers (10) and screws (9).
(2) Inspect the fuel tank for cracks, dents,
Position a new gasket (8) and the fuel
damaged seams and threads and for
pump (5) on the fuel pump adapter
weak or rusted spots. Repair minor
(15) and secure with the two lock-
leaks by soldering. Replace a tank
washers (7) and bolts (6).
damaged beyond repair.
Connect the fuel line (4) to the fuel
(3) Inspect the straps and all attaching
pump and carburetor.
parts for damage and distortion. Re-
Install the fuel strainer (par. 130).
place a defective part.
132. Fuel Tank
c. Installation.
a. Removal.
(1) Place the spout support (5, fig. 18)
(1) Disconnect the fuel line tubing (1, fig.
over the spout of the fuel tank (16).
18) from the elbow (20) and remove
(2) Secure the fuel tank, strap liners (14),
the elbow from the fuel tank (16).
a n d fuel tank straps (15) to the
(2) Remove the fuel tank cap (17) and
underside of the frame with the four
the safety pin (18) from the fuel tank.
bolts (10), flatwashers (11), lock-
(3) Remove the pipe plug (19) from the
washers (12), and hex nuts (13).
fuel tank and drain the fuel into a
(3) Position the spout support (5) on the
suitable container.
frame and secure with the two bolts
(4) Remove the two hex nuts (9), lock-
(6), flat washers (7), lockwashers
washers (8), flat washers (7), and
(8) and hex nuts (9).
bolts (6) that secure the spout support
(5) to the test stand frame.
(4) Install the pipe plug (19) in the bot-
(5) Remove the 4 hex nuts (13), lock-
tom of the fuel tank.
washers (12), flat washers (11), and
(5) Install the elbow (20) in the fuel tank
bolts (10) that secure the 2 fuel tank
and connect the fuel line (1).
straps (15) and 2 strap liners (14)
(6) Fill the tank with the proper grade
to the frame and remove the straps
fuel and install the fuel tank cap (17)
and the fuel tank.
and safety pin (18) on the spout of
(6) Slip the spout support (5) off the
fuel tank.
133. General
134. Governor Control Assembly
a. Removal and Disassembly.
The centrifugal flyweight governor is located
at the top and to the rear side of the gear cover,
(1) Disconnect the spring (27, fig. 29)
It is driven by the camshaft at one and one-
from the adjusting screw (4) and the
eighth camshaft speed. Centrifugal action of
shaft and lever assembly (48).
(2) Remove the screw (7) that secures the
the rotating flyweights causes the governor to
pull the carburetor throttle toward the closed
throttle control (6) to the control stop
or idle position, This action is counteracted by
(8) and pull the throttle control out of
the swivel block (16).
the spring of the control assembly. The ad-
justed tension on this spring determines the
(3) Pull the cotter pin (19) and remove
the flat washer (20) and the lever
engine speed the governor will maintain.
AGO 5742A

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