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Figure 29. Gevernor and control asssembly, exploded view
TM-55-4920-226-15 Test Stand Aircraft Hydraulic AHT-5A-1 Type D-5A Manual
Cleaning, Inspection, and Repair. - TM-55-4920-226-150073
(4) With the externally threaded portion
b. Cleaning and Inspection.
of the ball joint at a right angle to the
(1) C l e a n all parts with an approved
control lever rod, the ball joint must
cleaning solvent and dry thoroughly.
be in exact alinement with the top hole
(2) Inspect the lever, swivel pin, and lever
in the shaft and lever assembly.
support pin for cracks, breaks, and
distortion. Replace all defective parts.
(5) Loosen the hex nut (28) and turn the
ball joint on the rod to attain aline-
(3) Inspect the springs for cracks, distor-
ment specified in (4) above, Tighten
tion and lack of tension. Replace a
the hex nut after adjustment.
defective spring.
(6) Install the ball joint in the shaft and
(4) Inspect all other parts for distortion
lever assembly and secure with the
and damaged threads, Replace all de-
lockwasher (30) and hex nut (29).
fective parts.
b. Removal.
c. Reassembly and Installation.
(1) Install the swivel pin (5, fig. 29) in
(1) Disconnect the oil line assembly (22,
the lever (18).
fig. 29) from the tee (23).
(2) Install the cotter pin (3) in the ad-
(2) Disconnect the tachometer drive from
justing screw (4). Place the spring
the tachometer adapter (45).
(2) on the adjusting screw and insert
(3) Remove the two control rod ball joints
the screw in the swivel pin. Install
(31) with attached control lever rod
the adjusting screw locknut (1) on
(32) from the carburetor and gov-
the adjustment screw.
(3) Install the swivel block (16), two flat
(4) Disconnect the spring (27) from the
washers (15), and the bolt (14) in the
shaft and lever assembly (48).
lever (18).
(5) Remove the four bolts and lockwash-
(4) Position the lever with attached parts
ers that secure the housing (54) to
on the lever support pin (21) and in-
the gear cover spacer and remove the
stall the flat washer (20) and cotter
governor and gasket (46).
pin (19).
c. Disassemly.
(5) Insert the throttle control (6) through
(1) Remove the drive shaft (44, fig. 29)
the swivel pin (16) and secure in the
with attached parts from the housing
control stop (8) with the screw (7).
(6) Connect the spring (27) to the adjust-
(2) Remove the two bearings (33 and 36)
ing screw (4) and the shaft and lever
from the drive shaft.
assembly (48).
(3) Remove the helical gear (34) and the
(7) Adjust the governor as outlined in
woodruff key (35) from the drive
135. Governor
(4) Slide the thrust sleeve (38) with at-
tached bearing (37) off the drive shaft
a. Governor Adjustment.
a n d remove the bearing from the
(1) Check and make certain the spring
(27, fig. 29) is hooked in the number
6 hole of the shaft and lever assembly
(5) Remove the 2 headed straight pin (41)
counting from the shaft outward.
from the 2 flyweights (40). Drive the
2 headless straight pins (39) out of
(2) With the engine at rest, remove the
the flyweights and remove the fly-
hex nut (29) and lockwasher (30)
weights from the flyweights hub (43).
from the control rod ball joint (31).
(6) Remove the plain tapered pin (42)
(3) Slip the ball joint out of the shaft and
lever assembly (48) and push the con-
that secures the flyweight hub to the
drive shaft and remove the hub from
trol lever rod (32) toward the car-
the shaft.
buretor to fully open the throttle fly.
AGO 5742A

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