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Page Title: Reassembly and Installation
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Figure 32. Housing assembly, exploded view
TM-55-4920-226-15 Test Stand Aircraft Hydraulic AHT-5A-1 Type D-5A Manual
Axles and Steering Tie Rods
e. Position the door support (37) on the
d. Inspect all attaching hardware for cracks,
housing assembly and secure with the bolt and
breaks, distortion, and damaged threads. Re-
hex nut, Secure the other end of the support
place all damaged parts.
to the door assembly with the 2 screws (38), 2
lockwashers (39), spacer (43) and hex nut.
161. Reassembly and Installation
f. Assemble the remaining top door assem-
a. Position the bow handle (67, fig. 32) on
blies (30 and 50) in a similar manner as de-
the housing assembly (72) and secure with the
scribed in d and e above.
four screws (69), flat washers (68), lockwash-
g. Install the rubber bumper (42) on the
ers, and hex nuts. Install the remaining bow
spacer (43) and secure with the lockwasher
handles in a similar manner.
(41) and screw (40).
b. Position the plate assembly (66) on the
h. Install the four door assemblies (21, 22,
housing assembly and secure with the four
23, and 24) in a similar manner as described in
lockwashers (62) and bolts (61). Place the
c through e above.
spring (64) on the hose support hook (65),
insert the hook in the plate assembly and install
i. Install the knob (18) in the clamp stud
the headless straight pin (63) in the hook.
(20) and secure with the setscrew (19). Place
Reassemble the remaining hose hanger as-
the flat washer (17) on the stud, insert the stud
sembly in a similar manner.
in the door and install the spring (16), clamp
arm (15), and hex nut (14) on the stud. As-
c. Position the 2 hinges (59 and 60) and the
semble the seven remaining door clamp assem-
3 hinge retainers (57 and 58) on the housing
blies in a similar manner,
assembly and secure with the six bolts, lock-
washers, and hex nuts.
j. Position the gasket (36) and gasket re-
d. Position the door assembly (44) and neo-
taining ring (35) on the door assembly (44)
and secure with the six screws (34), lockwash-
prene strip (48) on the butt hinge (59) and
ers (33), and hex nuts (32).
secure with the seven bolts (47), lockwashers
(46), and hex nuts (45).
k. Install the housing assembly (par. 106).
(2) Remove the grease cap (41, fig. 14)
162. General
from the hub (51).
The wheels of the running gear are secured
(3) R e m o v e the cotter pin (42) and
to cast iron hubs into which are pressed the
tighten the nut (43) until a slight
outer races of the wheel bearings. Grease re-
drag is felt when the wheel is rotated
tainers are installed in the inner ends of the
back and forth. This operation will
hubs to prevent lubricant leakage. The axles
seat the cones and rollers in the bear-
which carry the bearing cones and rollers are
ing cups.
supported by the arm assemblies. The rear
axles are secured directly to the arms, while
(4) Loosen the nut just enough to line up
the front axles are pivot mounted with a king-
the nearest slot in the nut with the
pin and connected to the steering gear with tie
cotter pin hole in the axle assembly
rods. Each arm assembly has independent coil
(69). Install a new cotter pin.
spring suspension, pivoting on pins and bush-
Install the grease cap and lower the
ings installed in the arm supports.
b. Removal and disassembly.
163. Wheels
(1) Release the brake lever assembly (25,
a. Wheel Bearing Adjustment.
fig. 14) and block a wheel to prevent
(1) Support the frame, at a point near the
the test stand from rolling.
wheel to be adjusted, with a suitable
(2) Remove the wheel (par. 74).
AGO 5742A

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