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Page Title: Removal and Disassembly.
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Axles and Steering Tie Rods
TM-55-4920-226-15 Test Stand Aircraft Hydraulic AHT-5A-1 Type D-5A Manual
(5) Place a mark on the outside diameter
(11 ) Press the two sleeve bearings out of
the bracket if defective.
of each front tire at a point level with
the hub.
(12) Remove and disassemble the remain-
(6) Measure the distance between these
ing spindle and bracket in a similar
marks. Move the test stand until the
marks are level with the hub on the
c. Cleaning, Inspection, and Repair.
back side of the tires and measure the
(1) Clean all metal parts with an approved
distance between the marks.
cleaning solvent and dry thoroughly.
(7) The distance between the marks when
(2) Inspect the axles and spindles for
at the front side of the tires should be
cracks, breaks, distortion, and dam-
one-fourth inch less than at the rear.
aged threads.  Remove minor abra-
Loosen the loop clamps (9) on each
sions and repair damaged threads.
end of both tie rods (10) and rotate
Replace an axle or spindle damaged
both tie rods equally until this adjust-
beyond repair.
ment is obtained, Secure the clamps
(3) Inspect the axle brackets for cracks,
after the adjustment is made.
b r e a k s and distortion. Repair a
b. Removal and Disassembly.
cracked bracket by welding, Replace
(1) Remove the wheels (par. 163).
a bracket damaged beyond repair.
(2) Disconnect the cable assembly (23),
(4) Inspect the kingpins and sleeve bear-
fig. 14 from the brake assembly (66).
ings for nicks, burs, distortion, and
(3) Remove the four hex nuts (67, fig. 14)
excessive wear. Replace a defective or
excessively worn kingpin and sleeve
and lockwashers (68) that secure the
brake assembly to the axle assembly
(69) and remove the brake assembly.
(5) Inspect all attaching hardware for dis-
(4) Remove the four bolts (64) and lock-
tortion and damaged threads. Replace
washers (65) that secure the axle as-
all defective hardware.
sembly (69) to the arm assembly (77)
d. Reassembly and Installation.
and remove the axle.
(1) Press the two sleeve bearings (61 and
62, fig. 14) into the axle bracket (63).
(5) Remove the other rear axle in a simi-
lar manner.
(2) Position the bracket on the support
and arm assembly (70) and secure
(6) Remove the 2 cotter pins (1) and 2
with the four lockwashers (56) and
nuts (2) that secure the 2 tie rod
bolts (55) .
ends (4 and 5) in place and remove
the tie rod ends with attached parts.
(3) Position the spindle assembly (60)
and two thrust washers (58 and 59)
(7) Remove the 2 hex nuts (6), lockwash-
in the bracket and drive the kingpin
ers (7), and bolts (8) that secure the
(57) into the spindle.
2 loop clamps (9) on the tie rod (10)
a n d remove the tie rod ends and
(4) Reassemble and install the remaining
clamps from the tie rod.
spindle and bracket in a similar man-
(8) Disassemble the other steering tie rod
assembly in a similar manner.
(5) Install the 2 loop clamps (9) on the
tie rod (10) and screw the 2 tie rod
(9) Drive the kingpin (57) out of the 2
ends (4 and 5) into the tie rod. Secure
sleeve bearings (61 and 62) and the
the clamps with the 2 bolts (8), lock-
spindle assembly (60) and remove the
washers (7), and hex nuts (6).
spindle and 2 thrust washers (58 and
59) from the axle bracket (63).
(6) Install the assembled tie rod in the
spindle and the steering arm assembly
(10) Remove the four bolts (55) and lock-
and secure with the 2 nuts (2) and 2
w a s h e r s (56) that secure the axle
cotter pins (1).
bracket to the support and arm as-
(7) Reassemble and install the remaining
sembly (70) and remove the bracket.
AGO 5742A

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