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Page Title: Engine Accessory Generator
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Air Gap Adjustment.
TM-55-4920-226-15 Test Stand Aircraft Hydraulic AHT-5A-1 Type D-5A Manual
Electrical Engine Starter - TM-55-4920-226-150100
speed and then increase slowly
183. Engine Accessory Generator
again to operating speed. The indi-
a. Removal. Remove the generator (par.
cated voltage should be 7.2 volts at
a 70 ambient temperature.
b. Disassembly.
4. Turn the voltage adjusting screw
(1) Remove the pulley (15, fig. 19), fan
(5) clockwise to increase voltage
(18), and brushes (9) as outlined in
setting and counterclockwise to de-
crease it.  After each adjustment,
(2) Disconnect the spring (13) from the
install the cover before observing
grounded brush holder assembly (4)
indicated voltage.
and remove the brush arm (12), flat
(4) Current regulator unit. The current
washer (14), and spring from the
regulator unit, centrally located on the
brush holder.
regulator, limits the battery-charging
(3) Remove the hex nut (8), lockwasher
generator current output to a prede-
(7), and screw (6) that secure the
termined maximum value.
brush holder to the end bell (1) and
(a) Air gap adjustment. The current
remove the brush holder.
regulator unit air gap is inspected
(4) Remove the insulated brush holder as-
and adjusted in the same manner as
sembly (5) in a similar manner.
the voltage regulator unit as de-
scribed in (3) (a) above.
(5) Remove the end bell (30) with at-
tached parts from the housing (44).
(b) Current setting.
1. Mount the regulator on the unit or
Remove the woodruff key (19) and
on a regulator test stand, if avail-
collar (29) from the armature (31).
able, in the operating position. Con-
(6) Press the armature out of the ball
nect the regulator to the generator.
bearing (25).
Connect an ammeter to the battery
(7) Remove the three screws (21) and
terminal of the regulator and to the
l o c k w a s h e r s (22) that secure the
ammeter lead.  Connect a carbon
bearing retaining plate (20) and gas-
pile or other suitable resistor across
ket (23) to the end bell and remove
the battery to permit variation of
the plate, gasket, flat washer (24),
ball bearing, felt retainer plate (26)
2. Polarize the generator as described
and preformed felt (27) from the end
in (2) (c) 3 above and allow it to
attain normal operating tempera-
Note. Do not perform the instructions in
(8), (9), and (10) below unless the tests in
3. Slowly increase to operating speed.
d below show the frame and field assembly
Adjust the resistor across the bat-
tery to allow 32 amperes to flow
(8) Remove the two hex nuts (36), lock-
when the current regulator unit
washers (37), flat washer (38), and
contacts are held shut.
the insulating washer (39) that se-
4. Release the contacts and adjust
cure the bushing insulator (40) and
them until the ammeter reads 30
stud terminal (41) in the housing and
push the stud out of the housing.
amperes. Turn the current adjust-
ing screw clockwise to increase the
(9) Remove the remaining stud terminal
current setting and counterclock-
in a similar manner.
wise to decrease it.
(10) Remove the 2 screws (33) that secure
Note. Replace the regulator if it will
the 2 pole pieces (32) to the housing
not respond to the adjustments outlined
due to mechanical or electrical faults.
and remove the pole pieces, 2 insula-
tor plates (35), and windings (34)
e. Install the engine generator regulator
from the housing.
AGO 5742A

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