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Page Title: Electrical Engine Starter
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Engine Accessory Generator - TM-55-4920-226-150099
TM-55-4920-226-15 Test Stand Aircraft Hydraulic AHT-5A-1 Type D-5A Manual
Cleaning, Inspection, and Repair. - TM-55-4920-226-150101
c. Cleaning, Inspection, and Repair.
(2) Position the field winding (34, fig.
(1) Clean a slightly dirty or discolored
19), 2 insulator plates (35), and 2
commutator with a strip of NO. 00
pole pieces (32) in the housing (44)
sand paper. Blow sand and dust out
and secure with the 2 screws (33).
of the generator with clean, dry com-
(3) Place the bushing insulator (40) on
pressed air.
t h e stud terminal (41) and insert
(2) Clean the housing and end bells with
the terminal in the housing. Install
an approved cleaning solvent and dry
t h e insulating washer (39), flat
washer (38), 2 lockwashers (37), and
(3) Inspect the armature shaft and shaft
2 hex nuts (36). Install the remain-
bearing surfaces for nicks, burs, dis-
ing stud terminal in a similar manner.
tortion and damaged threads. Replace
(4) Install the preformed felt (27), felt
a defective armature.
retainer plate (26), ball bearing (25)
(4) Inspect the armature to be sure all
and flat washer (24) in the end bell
windings are secure in the core slots
(30). Position the gasket (23) and
and are properly soldered in the com-
the bearing retaining plate (20) on
mutator segments. Replace a defec-
the end bell and secure with the 3
tive armature.
lockwashers (22) and 3 screws (21).
(5) Inspect the commutator for roughness
(5) Press the armature (31) into the in-
arid high mica, Place the armature
stalled ball bearing (25).
shaft bearing surfaces in v-blocks,
(6) Install the armature and attached end
and, with a dial indicator, check the
bell in the housing. Place the collar
commutator for out-of-round. Turn
(29) on the shaft of the armature and
down a commutator that is scored,
install the woodruff key (19).
rough, has high mica, or is over 0.003
(7)  Position the grounded brush holder
inch out-of-round.
assembly (4) on the end bell and se-
(6) If the mica is high or the commutator
cure with the screw (6), lockwasher
has been turned, undercut the mica.
(7), and the hex nut (8).
(7) Inspect the housing for cracks, faulty
(8)  Install the flat washer (14), brush
insulation, or damaged threads and
a r m (12) and spring (13) on the
replace if defective.
b r u s h holder (4) and connect the
(8) Inspect and replace the brushes if nec-
spring to apply tension to the brush
(9) Rotate the ball bearing and inspect
(9) Install the insulated brush holder as-
for rough rolling elements and races.
sembly (5) in a similar manner.
Visually inspect the bearing for exces-
(10) Install the fan (18), pulley (15), and
sive wear. Replace a rough or worn
brushes (9) as outlined in paragraph
ball bearing.
(10) Inspect all other parts for cracks,
f. Bench Testing the Generator. Test the as-
breaks,  d i s t o r t i o n , and damaged
sembled generator for current draw and output
threads and replace if defective.
on a suitable generator test stand.
d. Testing. Test the armature for shorts,
g. lnstallation. Install the generator (par.
open circuits, and grounds using a suitable
growler. Test the field windings for continuity
and grounds with a test lamp circuit,
184. Electrical Engine Starter
e. Reassembly.
(1) Before assembling the generator,
a. Removal. Remove the starter (par. 113).
paint its interior surfaces, with the
b. Disassembly.
exception of bearing surfaces and
p o i n t s of electrical contact, with
(1) Remove the brush access cover (23,
fungicidal varnish.
fig. 20) from the housing assembly
AGO 5742A

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