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Page Title: Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers
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TM-55-4920-226-15 Test Stand Aircraft Hydraulic AHT-5A-1 Type D-5A Manual
Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers (Cont)
indicates that the item is authorized for use at
maintenance activities and are norm-
that maintenance level, but is not authorized to
ally furnished by supply on an ex-
be stocked. When such an item is required, it
change basis.
must be requisitioned for immediate use only.
(2) Code U applies to repair parts spe-
An AR code within an allowance factor sub-
cifically selected for salvage by re-
column indicates that the item is authorized for
clamation units because of precious
use at that level, but is to be requisitioned as
metal content, critical materials, high
required and a minimum quantity to be stocked.
dollar value, reusable casings or cast-
This code applies only to common hardware and
ings, etc.
bulk material.
(3) Repair parts and assemblies not as-
signed a recoverability code shall be
j. Illustrations. This column lists the figure
considered "throwaway" items.
number of the items illustrated and when appli-
cable, the item number. When no item number
e. Federal Stock Number. The Federal Stock
is reflected for an item, it indicates the item is
Number consists of the applicable 4-digit FSC
included in the referenced figure, but is not
Code Number plus the 7-digit Federal Item
visible in the presented view.
Identification Number, and is utilized for
requisitioning, storage and accountability pur-
5. Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers
f. Description. This column furnishes the
Manufacturer and location
00624 ------ Aeroquip Corp., Aircraft Division, Jack-
item name, a brief description when necessary,
son Plant, Jackson, Mich.
and authorized abbreviations or dimensions
00724 ------ Air Associates, Inc., Electronic Division,
when required to provide further identification.
Orange, N. J.
(1) Part numbers. Three basically differ-
01930 ------ Amerock Corp., Rockford, Ill.
ent kinds of part numbers are found
04198 ------- Ashcroft Gauge Co., Bridgeport, Conn.
06499 ----- Volta Battery Corp., Chicago, Ill.
within this column.
10100 ------ Flow Products, Inc., Chicago, Ill.
(a) Identification of  manufacturer,
11583 ------ Champion Spark Plug Co., Toledo, Ohio
e.g., 47764.
1 1 8 6 2 ------ Chevrolet Motor Division of General
(b) Government standard or Military
Motors Corp., Detroit, Mich.
part numbers which begin with the
15605 ----- Cutler Hammer, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.
16764 ----- Delco Remy Division of General Motors
letters AN, AF, MS, NAF, NAS,
Corp., Anderson, Ind.
16954 ----- Denisen Engineering Co., Columbus, Ohio
(c) Miscellaneous vendor or commercial
18265 ------ Donaldson Co., Inc., St. Paul, Minn.
part numbers.
19728 ----- Electric Auto-Lite Co., Toledo, Ohio
21387 ----- Fairbanks, E. and T., and Co., Chicago, Ill.
(2) Manufacturer's code number. The
30327 ----- Imperial-Eastman Corp., Chicago, Ill.
manufacturer's code number is a 5-
38508 ----- Marsh Instrument Co., Division of Colo.
digit Federal Supply Code identifying
rado Oil and Gas Corp., Skokie, Ill.
a particular manufacturer.
41615 ----- Morse Chain Co., Detroit, Mich.
42689 ------ National Lock Co., Rockford, Ill.
g. Unit of Issue.  This column lists the
43766 ----- Nice Bail Bearing Co., Nicetown, Phila-
standard or minimum basic quantity in which
delphia, Pa.
the item is issued (each, pound, set, etc.).
51240 ------ American-Standard Controls Division of
American Radiator and Standard Sani-
h. Quantity Per Assembly. Quantities in this
tary Corp., Rochester, N. Y.
column are those required for one assembly
56289 ------- Sprague Electric Co., North Adams, Mass.
60038 ------- Timken Roller Bearing Co., Canton, Ohio
only. When similar assemblies are broken down
60380 ------- Torrington Co., The, Torrington, Conn.
together, the quantities are those required for
Wisconsin Motor Corp., Milwaukee, Wis.
one assembly only. When attaching parts are
Wittek Mfg. Co., Chicago, Ill.
shown as attaching two or more items, the
Amplex Division of Chrysler Corp., De-
quantities of the attaching parts are those
troit, Mich.
70485 --------- Atlantic India Rubber Works, Inc., Chi-
necessary to attach only one of the items.
cago, Ill.
i. Allowance Factors. An asterisk (*), code
70955 --------- Blackstone Mfg. Co., Chicago, Ill.
contained within an allowance factor subcolumn
73370 --------- Fram Corp., Providence, R. I.
AGO 5742A

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