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Figure 4-3. Electrical System, Schematic Diagram
TM-55-4920-405-13-P Test Stand Hydraulic System Gasoline Engine Driven Type D-5C Manual
Figure 4-4. Hydraulic System , Schematic Diagram
TM 55-4920-405-13&P
(3) Overall Engine Check, Check the overall
cable with an ohmmeter for continuity.
condition of the engine as follows:
Check to see that the engine shrouds
b . Hydraulic System.  (See figure 4-4.) Check
are tightly fastened.
the hydraulic system as follows:
(b)  Inspect the fan grill. Remove all dirt
and other foreign matter.
(c)  Open the inspection covers at the
(1) Examine all tubing for punctures and
rear end of the cylinder head shrouds.
Check for signs of oil leakage around
(2) Examine all couplings for signs of leaks
the valve covers,  Replace the inspec-
and corrosion.
tion covers.
(3) Examine hoses for punctures and breaks,
(d)  Make sure that the starting motor,
especially at points where the hoses bend
magneto, exhaust manifold, oil filter,
or rub against metal or sharp edges.
carburetor, fuel strainer, and air
cleaner are not loose.
c .  Engine.
Check the engine components as
(e)  Check for signs of leakage at the car-
buretor, oil filter, and fuel strainer.
(f)  Check for signs of oil leakage at the
point where the starting motor mates
Magneto.  If you have trouble starting the
with the engine front plate.
engine, or if the engine misfires, check
(g)  Check to see that the oil level is cor-
the strength of the magneto spark. Pull
rect. Use the dipstick.
out the positive action ground switch on
(h)  Check each ignition wire to see that it
the engine. Disconnect the ignition wire
is tightly connected at both ends.
from one of the spark plugs. Being care-
(i)  Check to see that the engine mounting
ful not to touch the conductor, hold the
bolts are tight.
terminal of the ignition wire 1/8 inch away
(j)  Check to see that there is enough gas-
from any unpainted metal part of the
oline in the fuel tank.
engine.  Turn the engine over slowly, and
(k)  Start the engine.  (Refer to Chapter 2,
watch carefully for the spark. You should
Section II.) The engine should start
see the spark at the moment when the im-
pulse coupling on the magneto opens. Re-
With the engine running, check to see
peat the same check at each of the other
that the normal operating speed (2250
spark plugs.  If there is no spark or the
RPM idle) can be reached easily.
spark is weak at all four points, the mag-
(m) Check the engine exhaust. It should
neto is bad. If you notice a weak spark at
show small amounts of gray or light
only one point, the ignition wiring is
black smoke.  Make sure that there
probably bad.
are no signs of heavy black or heavy
Carburetor  Cables.  Check the operation
white smoke.
of the control cables between the carbure-
(n)  Listen for unusual noise, such as loud
tor and the control panel visually. Oper-
knocking or sharp metal-against-
ate the THROTTLE and CHOKE control on
metal sounds.
the control panel, and make sure that
(o)  While the engine is running, check all
these controls operate the throttle and
gaskets for leakage.
choke at the carburetor.

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