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Figure 4-7. Volume Control Assembly
TM-55-4920-405-13-P Test Stand Hydraulic System Gasoline Engine Driven Type D-5C Manual
Figure 4-8. Engine Disassembly
TM 55-4920-405-13&P
Fluid Flow Indicator. To remove FLOW
High-Temperature Safety Switch. To re-
INDICATOR GPM (11, figure 2-1), discon-
move high-temperature safety switch (2),
nect it from the hydraulic pump. Then,
proceed as follows:
pull it back until the end clears the control
panel, and remove it.
(a) Remove the cylinder head shroud on
the number 2 and 4 spark plug side of
P r e s s u r e Gages.  To remove FLUID
the engine.
PRESSURE GAGE (5, figure 2-1) or SUC-
(b) Pull the wire assembly off the termi-
TION PRESSURE GAGE (7), proceed as
nal of the high-temperature safety
(c) Remove the capscrew and washer that
attaches the high-temperature safety
(a) Disconnect the hydraulic tubing at the
rear of the gage.
switch, and remove the switch.
(b) Remove the hardware that attaches
(d) Replace the defective switch.
the gage to the control panel. Pull the
Spark Plugs.  To remove spark plugs (1),
gage out of the control panel.
(c) Replace the defective gage.
proceed as follows:
Temperature Gage. To remove FLUID
Remove the locknuts that attach the
TEMP GAGE (9, figure 2-1), proceed as
ignition wires to the spark plugs.
Disconnect the ignition wires.
Using a spark plug wrench, remove
the spark plugs from the cylinder
Remove sensing bulb from the hydrau-
lic manifold.
Clean and gap the spark plugs, or re-
Remove the hardware that attaches the
place as required. The proper gap is
gage to the control panel. Pull the
0.030 inch.
gage out of the control panel.
Replace the defective gage.
Magneto. To remove magneto (1, figure
(4- 5), proceed as follows:
(1) Shrouding.  To remove the shrouding from
(a) Loosen the nuts that secure the igni-
the e n g i n e , p r o c e e d a s f o l l o w s :  -
tion wires to the magneto and discon-
nect the ignition wires.  Tag each
Remove the lock nut from the top of
ignition wire as you disconnect it so
each of the four spark plugs. Discon-
that you will know where to reconnect
nect the ignition wires from the spark
plugs .
(b) Remove the screw and washer that at-
The four ignition wires are secured
tach the ground strap to the magneto,
to the shrouding with clamps, each of
and disconnect the ground strap.
(c) Disconnect the IGNITION SWITCH
which is attached with a screw and
wire at the top rear of the magneto by
l o c k w a s h e r . Remove these screws
removing one screw.
and lockwashers.
Remove the screws and lockwashers
(d) Support the magneto so that it will not
that attach cylinder head shrouds (16).
drop when -mounting hardware is re-
Remove the cylinder head shrouds.
moved. Remove the bolts, nuts, and
lockwashers that attach the magneto,
and remove the magneto.
(e) Replace the defective magneto.
Screws of different lengths are used to at-
tach the shrouding.  As you remove screws,
Oil Filter.  The engine uses a cartridge-
type oil filter.  To remove oil filter cart-
note their length and tag them so that you
ridge (7, figure 4-8), unscrew it from oil
can later return the right screw to the
filter base assembly (8). Replace the de-
right location.
fective oil filter cartridge.
Disconnect the leadwire from high-
temperature safety switch (2).
Fuel Strainer.  To remove fuel strainer
Remove the screws and lockwashers
(6, figure 4-5), proceed as follows:
that attach rear shroud covers (13).
Remove the rear shroud covers.
Loosen the knurled nut at the bottom
Remove cylinder heat deflectors (15)
of the fuel strainer.
and lower cylinder shrouds (14).
Swing the wire bail to one side, and
Remove the screws and lockwashers
remove the bowl, gasket, and screen.
that attach flywheel shroud (17). Re-
Disconnect the inlet fuel line from the
move the flywheel shroud with attach-
fuel strainer.
ed screen.

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