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Figure 4-8. Engine Disassembly
TM-55-4920-405-13-P Test Stand Hydraulic System Gasoline Engine Driven Type D-5C Manual
TM 55-4920-405-13&P
(d) Carefully unscrew the fuel strainer
If you do have to pry the cylinder head
housing from the pipe nipple that con-
loose, make sure that you do not
score the machined mating faces.
nects it to the fuel pump.
(e) Clean all parts thoroughly. Replace
(f) Clean and repair or replace the
the gasket and any damaged parts.
cylinder head as applicable.
( 1 1 ) Cylinder Block. To remove cylinder
(7) Fuel Pump.  To remove fuel pump (5, fig-
block (5), proceed as follows:
ure 4-5), proceed as follows:
(a) Remove the fuel strainer.
(a) Remove the cylinder head and gasket
from the cylinder block that you wish
(b) Disconnect the outlet fuel line.
to remove.
(c) Remove the screws and lockwashers
that attach the fuel pump to the fuel
(b) Remove the nuts and lockwashers that
pump adapter.  Remove the fuel pump
attach the cylinder block to the crank-
case assembly.
and the fuel pump gasket.
(c) Lift the cylinder block off the crank-
(d) Repair or replace the defective fuel
case assembly.  Remove the cylinder
block gasket.
(d) Clean and repair or replace the
Carburetor.  To remove carburetor (11,
figure 4-5), proceed as follows:
cylinder block as necessary.
(a)  Disconnect the fuel lines from the
(12) Flywheel.  To remove flywheel (12, fig-
ure 4-8), proceed as follows:
Disconnect the throttle and choke con-
(a) Remove flywheel shroud (17).
trol cables from the carburetor.
Hold the carburetor so that it wont
(b) Remove the flywheel locknut and
drop when mounting hardware is re-
(c) Grasp the flywheel fins, pull outward,
moved.  Remove the mounting bolts
and hit the end of the crankshaft with
and lockwashers, and remove the car-
a soft hammer.  The flywheel will
buretor and the carburetor gasket.
slide off the taper of the crankshaft.
Repair or replace the carburetor as
Remove the flywheel and key.
---- O
( 9 ) Governor.  To remove governor (23, fig-
ure 4-8), proceed as follows:
Do not use a hard hammer to hit the end
of the crankshaft. If you do, you may
Remove the governor spring from the
ruin the crankshaft and bearings.
lever.  Make a note of the lever hole
from which you disconnected the spring.
(d) Clean and repair or replace the fly-
Disconnect the governor oil line.
wheel as necessary.
Remove the cotter pin in the control
rod to the carburetor, and disconnect
Alternator.  To remove alternator stator
the control rod.
(11, figure 4-8), proceed as follows:
Disconnect the tachometer cable from
the tachometer adapter.
Remove flywheel shroud (17).
Remove the screws and lockwashers
Remove flywheel (12). The alternator
that attach the governor to the front
rotor is part of the flywheel.
plate of the engine. Remove the
Squeeze the outer ends of the connector
governor and governor gasket.
plugs on the alternator rotor wiring,
Repair or replace the governor as
and pull the plugs apart.
Disconnect the electrical leadwire
from AMMETER (3, figure 2-1).
(10) Cylinder Head.  To remove cylinder head
(3, figure 4-8), proceed as follows:
Remove the attaching hardware, and
remove the voltage regulator and
rectifier  modules.
Remove spark plugs.
Remove the attaching hardware, and
Remove shrouding.
remove the alternator stator.
Remove the high-temperature safety
Repair the alternator, or replace de-
s w i t c h .  (Do this only if that cylinder
fective parts as needed.
head to which the switch is attached is
to be removed.)
(d)  Remove the head bolts and washers
Engine Gear Cover. To remove engine
that attach the cylinder head to the
gear cover (10, figure 4-8), proceed as
cylinder block.
(e)  Remove the cylinder head and cylinder
head gasket.  You may have to insert
(a) Remove flywheel shroud (17).
a flat tool and pry the cylinder head

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