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Engine. - TM-55-4920-405-13-P0090
TM-55-4920-405-13-P Test Stand Hydraulic System Gasoline Engine Driven Type D-5C Manual
Figure 4-27. Magneto Timing Diagram
TM 55-4920-405-13&P
(c) Press in two dowel pins in the right
(a) Disconnect the ignition wires from the
side of the engine gear cover.
spark plugs.
(b) Disconnect the leadwire from the high
( 1 2 ) Alternator.  To install alternator stator
temperature safety switch terminal.
(11, figure 4-8), proceed as follows:
(c) Slide the flywheel shroud with attached
screen into position over the end of
the crankshaft.
(a) Slide the alternator stator over the
(d) Attach cylinder heat deflectors (15)
crankshaft, and attach it to the engine
gear cover with 4 screws and 1 roll
and lower cylinder shrouds (14) to
the flywheel shroud with screw and
(b) Attach the voltage regulator and the
(e) Thread the leadwire for the high tem-
rectifier module to the engine gear
perature safety switch through the
cover with two screws and lock-
grommet in the cylinder heat deflec-
washers each.
tor.  Connect the leadwire to the high
(c) Connect the connectors on the stator
temperature safety switch terminal.
leadwires to the corresponding con-
(f) Install rear shroud covers (13) on the
nectors on the voltage regulator and
lower cylinder shrouds and cylinder
the rectifier module.
heat deflectors with screws and
(d) Connect the ammeter leadwire (green)
lock washers.
to the charge side of AMMETER (3,
(g) put cylinder head shrouds (16) in
position.  Install screws and lock-
(13) Flywheel.  To install flywheel (12, figure
washers to attach the cylinder head
shrouds and the clamps on the ignition
4-8), proceed as follows:
(a) Position the key in the keyway on the
(18) Magneto.  To install magneto (1, figure
4-5), proceed as follows:
(b) Carefully slide the flywheel onto the
crankshaft over the key. Carefully
Remove the screen over the flywheel
fit the rotor portion of the alternator
air intake to expose the timing marks
over the stator portion.
on the flywheel and shroud. (See fig-
(c) Install the flywheel washer and locknut.
Remove the number 1 spark plug.
( 1 4 ) Cover Plate.  To install cover plate (20,
Hold your finger over the spark plug
figure 4-8), proceed as follows:
hole and turn the engine over with a
(a) Install a new cover plate gasket.
When you feel air blowing out of the
(b) Attach the cover plate to the crank-
spark plug hole, continue turning the
case assembly with the cover plate
engine until the flywheel mark is lined
mounting screws and lockwashers.
up with the air shroud mark.
Connect the ignition wire for the num-
(15) High Temperature Safety Switch. To in-
ber 1 spark plug to the number 1 con-
stall high temperature safety switch (2,
nection on the magneto. Hold the other
figure 4-8), proceed as follows:
end of the same ignition wire about
1/8 inch from the magneto body.
(a) Attach the high temperature safety
Turn the magneto gear clockwise until
switch to the cylinder head with one
you see a spark at the end of the igni-
capscrew and washer.
tion wire.  Hold the magneto gear at
(b) Connect the wire assembly to the
the position where you saw the spark.
terminal of the high temperature
Attach the magneto to the engine with
safety switch.  Make sure that the
the attaching bolts, lockwashers. and
other end of the wire assembly is con-
nuts.  Be careful to see that the gears
nected to engine ground.
mesh before you tighten the bolts.
Connect the remaining three ignition
(16) Spark Plugs.  To install a spark plug (1,
wires to the correct numbered ter-
figure 4-8), proceed as follows:
minals of the magneto.
Attach the IGNITION SWITCH wire to
(a) Insert the spark plug into the threaded
the top rear of the magneto with one
opening on the cylinder head.
(b) Tighten the spark plug to 25 to 30
Connect the ground strap to the mag-
neto with one screw and washer.
(c) Connect the ignition wire to the spark
plug. Make sure that you do not inter-
d . Miscellaneous Parts.
change ignition wire connections.
(1) Brake Drum and Hub. To replace a brake
drum and hub (12, figure 3-6), proceed as
(17) Shrouding.  To install the shrouding on
the engine, proceed as follows:

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