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Figure 4-27. Magneto Timing Diagram
TM-55-4920-405-13-P Test Stand Hydraulic System Gasoline Engine Driven Type D-5C Manual
Figure 4-29. Magneto Breaker Point Adjustment
TM 55-4920-405-13&P
If the gap is not right, loosen the locking
With the wheel removed, slide the
screws on the contact plate just enough
brake drum over the axle spindle and
to let you move the contact plate.
brake assembly.
Insert a small screwdriver into the adjust-
Insert the bearing.
ing slot at the bottom of the contact plate.
Install the washer and castellated
Move the plate with the screwdriver until
you get the right gap.
Tighten the locknut until the brake
Tighten the locking screws. Make sure
drum turns with a slight bind.
that you do not disturb the position of the
Back the locknut off just until the next
contact plate.
cotter pin hole in the spindle is lined
Recheck the gap.  Readjust it if it is not
up with the hole in the locknut.
0.015 inch.
Install the cotter pin.
Install the end cover on the magneto.
(2) Tire and Tube.  To install a tire and tube,
proceed as follows:
c . G o v e r n o r .  The control rod between the gov-
ernor and the carburetor must be adjusted to the
Place deflated tube (3, figure 3-6) in
correct length.  Make this adjustment as follows:
tire (4).
Install wheel halves (5 and 11). You
Remove the cotter pin and washer from
may have to lubricate the rim sur-
the end of the control rod at the governor.
faces in order to slide the tire onto
Disconnect the control rod from the lever
the wheel halves.
on the governor.
Using bolts (10), washers (9), and nuts
Push the control rod toward the carburetor
(8), fasten the wheel halves together.
as far as it will go. The bent end of the
Install the assembled tire and wheel
control rod should align with the hole in
over the axle spindle, and install lug
the carburetor lever. If it does not. screw
nuts (1) and washers (2).
the control rod into or out of the swivel
Inflate tube (3) to remove internal
block on the carburetor lever until you get
wrinkles and creases. Then let out
the right alignment.
the air.
Connect the control rod to the governor
Install valve stem (7). Inflate the tire
lever.  Install the washer and cotter pin
to 60 psi. Install valve cap (6).
at the end of the control rod.
4-7. ALIGNMENT. Adjust the engine components
as follows:
d. Carburetor. After the engine has been ser-
viced and is in operating order, adjust the carburetor
a. Valve Tappets.  (See figure 4-28.) With the
as follows:
engine cold, adjust the inlet valve tappets to a clear-
ance of 0.008 inch, and the exhaust valve tappets to
a clearance of 0.016 inch.
Start the engine and let it warm up.
Hold the throttle closed.  Adjust the idle
b. Magneto Breaker Point Gap. (See figure 4-29.)
adjusting needle (17, figure 4-13) or (22,
To  adjust the magneto breaker point gap, proceed as
figure 4-12) for smoothest idling of the
engine. Turn the idle adjusting needle out
to make the mixture richer, and in to make
Take off the end cover of the magneto.
the mixture leaner.
Turn the engine over with a handcrank
until the breaker points are opened their
4 - 8 . SERVICING. After reassembly, service the
Measure the breaker point gap with a
test stand as instructed in paragraph 3-5 before you
feeler gauge.  The gap should be 0.015
try to operate it.

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