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Page Title: Hydraulic Fluid Manifold.
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TM 55-4920-373-14&P
d. Repair or replace damaged shrouding.
4. Low Pressure Filter Assembly. To remove
the low pressure filter assembly (item 7, figure
2. Spark Plugs.  To remove and replace spark
4-3) proceed as follows:
plugs (item 1, figure 4-4) proceed as follows:
a. Disconnect inlet and outlet couplings
a. Remove nut securing ignition wire to
using an appropriate sized wrench.
spark plug.
b. Remove four bolts securing mounting
b . Using appropriate size socket wrench,
bands to test stand frame. Support filter re-
remove spark plug from cylinder head. If
moving these bolts.
shrouds have been removed, an open end or box-
type wrench may be used.
c. Repair or replace inoperative filter.
c. Clean and gap spark plug or replace as
5. High Pressure Filter Assembly. To remove
required. Gap should be 0.030".
the high pressure filter assembly (item 4, figure
4-3) proceed as follows:
3. Magneto. To remove the magneto (item 1,
figure 4-2) proceed as follows:
a.  Disconnect two bypass couplings for the
switch on top of the filter.
a. Disconnect four ignition wires by re-
moving one locknut for each one. Tag and mark
b. Disconnect inlet and outlet tube couplings.
each wire for identification.
c. Remove high pressure filter assembly.
b. Remove ground wire at about the middle
of the housing by removing screw and washer.
d. Repair or replace filter.
c. Remove condenser wire on top rear of
6. Hydraulic Fluid Manifold. To remove the
hydraulic fluid manifold (item 6, figure 4-3) pro-
ceed as follows:
d. Supporting magneto, remove bolt at
a. Disconnect five hydraulic tube couplings
bottom of mounting flange and one nut at top and
from manifold ports.
remove magneto.
b. Disconnect wiring from temperature
e, Replace with serviceable magneto as
c. Remove manifold.
4. Oil Filter Assembly. To remove the oil
d. Repair or replace with serviceable part.
filter assembly (item 2, figure 4-2) proceed as
4-13. ENGINE. The following procedures describe
removal of major engine or engine-related com-
ponents for repair or replacement.
a. Disconnect two oil lines. One at bottom
1. Air Shrouding. To remove air shrouding
of filter and one on the side near the top.
(item 7, figure 4-4) proceed as follows:
b. Supporting filter remove four screws
securing two mounting bands to fan shroud.
a. Remove four ignition wires from spark
plugs by removing one lock nut from each spark
c. Clean filter, replace element, repair
filter or replace assembly as required.
b. Number two and number three ignition
5. Fuel Strainer. To remove the fuel strainer
wires are each clamped to the air shrouding by
(item 8, figure 4-2) proceed as follows:
one screw which is also a shroud mounting screw.
On each side, remove this screw plus six others
a . Release knurled nut at bottom of fuel
and remove cylinder head air shrouds.
b. Remove strainer gasket, bowl and
The removal of these shrouds provides
easy access to spark plugs.
c. Carefully unscrew strainer housing from
c. Unfasten mounting screws and remove
attaching fitting.
fan and engine shroud (item 7, figure 4-4).

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