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Page Title: Starter Motor
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TM 55-4920-373-14&P
a . P l a c e new indicator into control panel
d. Insert screw and lockwasher of each clip
and secure into place with three screws.
into engine, securing each ignition wire into place.
b . Place each set of wires removed onto
2. Alternator. To install the alternator (item
studs of indicator as noted on the marked wires.
9, figure 4-2), proceed as follows:
c. Secure the three sets of wires on their
studs of the indicator with one nut on each stud.
a. Slide stator over crank shaft and attach
to gear cover with 4 screws and l roll pin.
6. Fuel Level Indicator.  To replace the fuel
level indicator, proceed with instructions given
b. Attach regulator module and rectifier
in step 5 for reservoir level indicator.
module to gear cover with 2 screws each,
7. Electrical Wiring Cables. To install the
c. Check that regulator (black wires) and
electrical wiring cables, proceed as follows:
rectifier (red and black) module connectors are
securely connected to stator leads.
a.  For electrical leads that are not within
a laced or taped harness attach to each end of
d. Connect ammeter wire to ammeter and
the lead a lug identical to the one used on the
to stator connector.
removed lead.
e. Slide flywheel on crankshaft and care-
b. Follow standard procedures for cutting,
fully fit rotor portion over alternator stator.
tinning, and attaching lugs.
f. Secure flywheel with locknut and washer.
c.  For electrical leads that are within a
laced or taped harness measure approximate
3. Starter Motor. To install the starter motor
length of wire required for replacement insuring
(item 12, figure 4-2) proceed as follows:
proper gauge is used and add one extra foot in
a. Attach starter motor support bracket
to motor with a plain washer and screw, but do
d. Cut back the insulation approximately
not tighten.
1/2-inch on the wire to be replaced and the new
b. Insert starter motor into engine and
secure with three lockwashers and bolts, insuring
e. Tin each end of exposed wire, and cut
starter motor engages with engine flywheel.
one half the diameter of each soldered end.
c. Insert starter motor support bracket
f. Place each cut half together end to end
holes through studs in engine and secure bracket
on top of each other and solder both wires
with lockwashers and nuts.
d, Secure screw attaching starter motor
g. Cut away excess stray ends to make a
support bracket to starter motor.
smooth surface.
e. Reconnect starter cable to starter motor
h. Disconnect the opposite end of the lead
terminal with lockwasher and screw, Insure ca-
to be removed and gently pull that end, causing
ble is secured to starter motor and starter
the new wire to follow the replaced wire in its
solenoid on opposite end.
place, until the new wire extends the required
distance for termination at each end.
4. Ammeter. To install the ammeter (item 8,
figure 2-1) proceed as follows:
i. Cut and trim back insulation of lead
sufficiently for attachment of required lugs
a.  Fasten the two screws through mounting
on each end, or for soldering if required.
flange and secure to gage panel.
j. Tin trimmed portion of wire and insert
b. Insert in order of removal the two sets
proper lug at ends of lead.
of marked wiring onto the two studs of the
k. Attach lugs to proper points of
c. Secure wiring to studs of ammeter with
8. Starter/Ignition Switch. To replace the
starter/ignition switch (item 5, figure 2-2)
5. Reservoir Level Indicator. To replace the
proceed as follows:
reservoir level indicator proceed as follows:

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