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Page Title: Oil Pressure Gage
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Starter Switch
TM-55-4920-226-15 Test Stand Aircraft Hydraulic AHT-5A-1 Type D-5A Manual
Filter Pressure Gage
the cam plate of the pump to obtain the desired
meter indicates the engine rpm. The normal
volume output. The adjusted output is indicated
operating speed is approximately 2200 rpm.
by the fluid flow indicator (15). A locknut is
22. Oil Pressure Gage
provided to secure the fluid volume control in
its adjusted setting.
The oil pressure gage (11, fig. 9), located on
the test stand control panel, is a needle-indicat-
28. Fluid Flow Indicator
ing, direct-reading,  pressure-actuated gage
The fluid flow indicator ( 15, fig. 9), mounted
with the dial marked OFF, XX, and ON. Nor-
on the test stand control panel, indicates hy-
mal oil pressure is indicated when the needle is
draulic pump delivery. The indicator is cali-
between XX and ON ranges.
brated from 0 to 10 gpm.
23. Ammeter
29. High Pressure Relief Valve
The ammeter (13, fig. 9), mounted on the
The high pressure relief valve (17, fig. 9),
test stand control panel, is a needle-indicating,
located in the lower left-hand corner of the
direct-reading, electrically actuated instrument.
test stand control panel, is an adjustable, by-
The dial is graduated in a 30񩔓0 ampere
pass-type relief valve with an operating range
scale. The ammeter indicates the amount of
from 200 to 5000 psi. This valve serves as a
current flowing to or from the battery. With
safety device, protecting the hydraulic system
the engine in operation, the normal reading
under test from excessive pressure. A knurled
should be on the charge side of the 0.
locknut is provided to secure the valve in ad-
24. Head Temperature Gage
The head temperature gage (28, fig. 9), lo-
30. Compensator Control
cated on the test stand control panel, is a needle-
The compensator control (25, fig. 9), located
indicating, direct-reading, heat-actuated gage
directly below the fluid temperature gage (4)
graduated from 0 to 600 degrees fahrenheit.
on the test stand control panel, is adjusted for
With the engine in operation the needle should
the desired discharge pressure of the test stand.
be approximately mid-scale.
A locknut is provided to secure the control in
25. Hourmeter
The hourmeter (10, fig. 9), mounted on the
31. Fluid Pressure Gage
test stand control panel to the right of the head
The fluid pressure gage (3, fig. 9), mounted
temperature gage (28), is an electrically driven,
on the test stand control panel, is a needle-
direct-reading indicator with five numbered
indicating, direct-reading, pressure actuated
wheels, which record engine operating time in
gage. The dial is graduated from 0 to 6000 psi
hours and tenths of hours. The time recorded
in increments of 50 psi. When the test stand is
is a guide for making operating checks, periodic
in operation the fluid pressure gage indicates
inspections, and filter cartridge replacements.
the discharge pressure selected by the compen-
sator control (25).
26. Flow Control Valves
The in. and in. flow control valves (20
32. Gage Snubber Valve
and 21, fig. 9), located on the left side of the
The gage snubber valve (23, fig. 9), located
test stand control panel, control the flow of
below the fluid pressure gage (3) on the test
hydraulic fluid to and from the hydraulic test
stand control panel, is a needle-type valve pro-
stand. In addition to the valve handles, locking
vided to admit pressure to the fluid pressure
devices are provided to secure the valves in their
closed or open position.
33. Fluid Pressure Gage Tap
27. Fluid Volume Control
The fluid pressure gage tap (24, fig. 9), ex-
The fluid volume control (29, fig. 9), centrally
tending through the test stand control panel,
located on the test stand control panel, positions
is provided for the connection of a test pressure
AGO 5742A

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