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Page Title: Section II. HYDRAULIC PUMP
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Figure 38. Pressure compensator control, exploded view
TM-55-4920-226-15 Test Stand Aircraft Hydraulic AHT-5A-1 Type D-5A Manual
Figure 39. Hanger housing assembly, exploded view
d. Position a new gasket (12) and the control
206. Installation
cap (9) on the hanger housing and secure with
a. Secure the clevis (11, fig. 37) in place with
the four screws (6).
the four screws (8).
e. Install the two tube fittings (2) in the pres-
b. Position a new gasket (12) and the stop
sure flange (39) and control cap and connect
body assembly (10) on the hanger housing as-
the tube (1) to the fittings.
sembly (13) and secure with the four screws
f. Install the compensator and volume hand
c. Position a new gasket (5) and the end cap
controls (par. 156).
(3) on the hanger housing and secure with 20
g. Install the pump (par. 157).
screws (4).
sembly. Remove the screw (16) that secures
207. Removal and Disassembly
the index plate to the hanger and remove the
a. Remove the pressure compensator control
index plate and two dowel pins (17) from the
b. Remove the 4 screws (15, fig. 37), 2 screws
k. Remove the bolt (18), two setscrews (19
(14), and 6 gaskets (16) that secure the hanger
and 21), and the indicator operating pin (20)
housing assembly (13) and O-ring gasket (30)
from the hanger.
to the bearing (29) and remove housing and
l. Press the two needle bearings (22) out of
O-ring. Remove the creep plate (17) from the
the hanger (23) if defective.
index plate (15, fig. 39).
m. Remove the two plugs (24 and 25) from
c. Remove the screw (2) that secures the in-
the hanger housing (26).
dicator link (1) to the indicator shaft (7) and
n. Remove the outer race of bearing (29, fig.
remove the link from the shaft.
37) from the inner race and remove the O-ring
d. Remove the pin (4) that secures the indi-
gasket (30) from the pilot of the pump body
cator (3) to the shaft and remove the indicator.
e. Remove the three screws (6) that secure
o. Remove the retainer, piston and shoe as-
the indicator plate (5) to the hanger housing
sembly (18) from the cylinder barrel (27).
(26) and remove the plate.
Note. Mark each piston to make certain it is in-
f. Remove the indicator shaft (7) from the
stalled in the same bore from which it was removed.
housing and remove the O-ring packing (8)
p. Remove the ball (21), spring socket (22),
from the shaft.
spring (23), spring retainer (24), and spring
g. Remove the 8 screws (10) that secure
retainer pin (25) from the cylinder barrel.
the 2 end plates (9) and 2 gaskets (11) to the
q. Slide the cylinder barrel (27) with at-
housing and remove the plates and gaskets.
tached inner race of bearing (29) out of the
h. Remove the two trunnion pins (12) from
pump body (34). Remove the seven screws (28)
the housing releasing the hanger (23) and re-
that secure the bearing inner race to the barrel
move the hanger from the housing. Remove the
and remove the bearing. The port plate (31)
two O-ring packings (13) from the trunnion
may stick to the cylinder barrel during its re-
moval. Use caution to prevent port plate from
i. Remove the two trunnion spacers (14)
dropping. Remove the port plate if it has re-
from the housing.
mained in the pump body.
Caution: Exercise extreme care in handling
r. Remove the six screws (35) that secure
the trunnion spacers to prevent scratching the
the pump body (34) to the port block (52) and
bearing surfaces.
remove the body, O-ring gasket (36) and the
dowel pin (32) from the port block. Remove five
j. Match mark the index plate (15) and the
plugs (33) from the pump body.
hanger (23) to assure alinement during reas-
AGO 5742A

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