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Page Title: Oil Pan.
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TM 55-4920-373-14&P
h. Remove carburetor (item 14, figure 4-2),
d. Remove ten mounting bolts along peri-
as described in step 7.
meter of gear cover.
i. Remove governor (item 23, figure 4-4),
e. Remove gear cover. If it is necessary
as described in step 8.
to pry gear cover off, use a thin, flat metal
instrument but exercise caution to prevent scoring
j. Remove cylinder head (item 3, figure
machined mating surface.
4-4), as described in step 9.
f. Remove gear cover gasket (item 12,
k. Remove two cylinder blocks (item 5,
figure 4-4), as described in step 10.
14. Oil Pan. To remove oil pan (item 17,
1. Remove flywheel (item 8, figure 4-4),
figure 4-4), proceed as follows:
as described in step 11.
a. Remove 18 bolts securing oil pan to
m. Remove flywheel alternator (item 9,
crank case.
figure 4-4), as described in step 12.
b. Drop and remove oil pan (item 17, fig-
n. Remove engine gear cover (item 11,
ure 4-4) and oil pan gasket (item 16).
figure 4-4), as described in step 13.
c. Clean and repair oil pan, replace gasket
o. Remove oil pan (item 17, figure 4-4),
or replace damaged oil pan, as required.
as described in step 14.
15. Gas Tank. To remove gas tank (item 18,
p. Remove four engine mounting bolts and
figure 4-4) proceed as follows:
remove crankcase assembly from test stand frame.
a.  Remove all components of hydraulic
system as described in paragraph 4-12.
q. Clean and repair crankcase, or replace
with serviceable unit.
b. Insure that gas tank has been emptied.
c. Disconnect fuel line.
d. Remove four bolts (item 19, figure 4-4)
4-15. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. To repair com-
securing tank to test stand frame (item 20.)
ponents of the electrical system, proceed as
e. Remove gas tank.
f. Clean and repair, or replace damaged
1. Ignition Wire Assembly. To repair the
tank with serviceable unit.
ignition wire assembly proceed as follows:
16. Crankcase Assembly. To remove crank-
a. Replace damaged end connectors.
case assembly (item 22, figure 4-4), proceed as
b. Using an approved insulating tape, wrap
all insulation breaks.  Use at least 4 layers of
a. Remove shrouding (item 7, figure 4-3),
as described in step 1.
tape over the break.
c. Replace ignition wire with a serviceable
b. Remove ignition wires as described in
wire if damaged beyond repair.
2. Alternator. To repair alternator proceed
c. Remove spark plugs (item 1, figure 4-4),
as follows:
as described in step 2.
a. Replace inoperative regulator module on
d. Remove magneto (item 1, figure 4-2), as
rectifier module with a part in known working
described in step 3.
e. Remove oil filter assembly (item 2,
b. Replace regulator or rectifier module
figure 4-2), as described in step 4.
i f case is broken.
f. Remove fuel strainer (item 8, figure
c. Replace broken wires or broken
4-2), as described in step 5.
d. Replace stator if continuity is zero in-
g. Remove fuel pump (item 7, figure 4-2),
dicating open winding. Refer to paragraph 4-6.
as described in step 6.

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