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Page Title: Section Il. CYLINDER BLOCK GROUP
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Ignition Magneto
TM-55-4920-226-15 Test Stand Aircraft Hydraulic AHT-5A-1 Type D-5A Manual
Valve Seat Inserts and Valve Guides
(6) Insert the spur gear (39) in the in-
ing, inspecting for rough rolling ele-
ments and races. Replace defective
stalled sleeve bearing and install the
retaining ring (38).
Inspect the end cap and housing for
(7) Install the flat washer (44) on the
cracks, breaks, and damaged threads.
rotor. Position the breaker plate with
Replace a damaged end cap or hous-
attached parts in the housing, and se-
cure with the four screws
Inspect the rotor for cracks, breaks,
(8) Install the spur gear (42) on the rotor
and corrosion. Replace a defective
(47) alining the marked teeth of each
spur gear and at the same time aline
the pin holes of the gear and rotor
Inspect the gears for wear, chipped
shaft. Secure the gear in place with
or broken teeth. Check the fit of the
the threaded straight pin (43) and
gears on their respective shaft and
the retaining ring (41).
bearings. Replace any defective part.
(9) Install the two springs (30) on the
Inspect the springs for distortion,
magneto coupling (29). Install the
cracks, and loss of tension. Replace a
outer end of the spring (26) on the
defective spring.
spring anchor in the housing (25).
Inspect the coupling for freedom of
Engage the inner end of the spring in
movement. Inspect the housing for
the long slot of the coupling. Wind
cracks, breaks, and distortion.
one full turn clockwise and press the
Inspect the rotor and shaft for nicks,
coupling into the housing.
burs, distortion, and damaged threads.
(10) Install the assembled magneto impulse
Remove minor abrasions from the
coupling on the shaft of the magneto
shaft of the rotor. Replace a defective
rotor (47) alining key and keyway.
(11) Install the contact set (16) and dis-
Inspect all other parts for distortion
tributor rotor (12) as outlined in
and damage and replace if defective.
d. Reassembly.
(12) Rotate the magneto rotor (47) until
(1) Install the threaded straight pin (27,
the distributor rotor (12) is in posi-
fig. 21) in the magneto housing (50).
tion to fire No. 1 cylinder. Place the
(2) Install the ball bearing (37) and the
sleeve bushing (24) in the helical gear
retaining ring (36) in the housing.
(23) and install the gear on the rotor
(3) Press the magneto rotor (47) into the
shaft with the punch marked tooth
ball bearing and install the retaining
alined with the threaded straight pin
ring (35) on the shaft of the rotor.
(27). Secure the gear in place with
the castellated hex nut (22) and cot-
(4) Install the coil (48) in the magneto
ter pin (21).
housing (50) and secure with the two
setscrews (49).
(13) Install the end cap (9) and capacitor
(1) as described in paragraph 115.
(5) Press the roller bearing (45) and
sleeve bearing (40) into the contact
e. installation. Install and time the mag-
breaker plate (46).
(3) Use a valve spring compressor to com-
186. Valves
press the spring (9, fig. 26). Remove
a. Removal.
the pair of retainer locks (7), rotator
(1) Remove the intake and exhaust mani-
cap (6), and the valve spring seat
(2) Remove the cylinder heads (par. 124).
(8). Remove the spring compressor,
AGO 5742A

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